Hello, my name is Aleksa Jovanovic and welcome to my portfolio website!

About me


Hello, my name is Aleksa Jovanovic, serbian Web Developer based in Belgrade. I'm studying Internet Technologies on ICT College of Vocational Studies. I have a passion for web development and I'm giving my best in learning new technologies that will improve my development skills.


95% HTML 5 CSS 3 / SCSS jQuery PHP MySQL


Rostilj Sedmica Site

Rostilj Sedmica

My first project website that I made with pure HTML and CSS for Web design course. This site is maybe ugly (maybe because I was a beginner), But during its development I realized that this thing is what i want to do in the future (for the rest of my life :) ). In future I will try to make every site look better,differently and more functional than its predecessor!

Steel Panther Site

Steel Panther

Another project site that I made for course Web programming (Javascript/jQuery). Here I used Client-side programing language JavaScript (vanilla) and JavaScript library (jQuery) that I have learned on this course. I also did SEO optimization and full RESPONSIVE design. Search on this website is realized through AJAX that I also learned on this course.


Tic-tac-toe webiste is made with PHP(procedural) & MYSQL. The first site that i made using PHP programming language. I am very proud of this website, not only because it is fully dynamic with beautiful admin panel, but because it contains the functionality of playing Tic-Tac-Toe game in multiplayer mode (realtime). All you gotta do is register,generate link and send it to your friend, it is so simple and easy!